Sunday, September 5, 2010

Musings on Social Marketing

Today 's seminar by Robyn Hawk from A Fly on the Wall has come to a close, leaving me with a few questions to ponder. Yes, I learned how to start a blog and put up a few gadgets or widgets, what ever!! I learned how to make a "like" button and a "subscribe to" box. (Please don't forget to click on these!!

I learned how to tweet, I think, and how to invite friends from my facebook personal page to my facebook fan page and to my blog. (Maybe you're one of them!)

But what I really learned is that I really enjoyed working things out, in person, with the friends who joined me today- Rona, Jette, Brad, Nancy, and Sonya, in addition, of course to Robyn, our teacher, who gave so generously. It's the friends who give of their time and skills, in person, who enrich my spirit. I think one can forget that although a few sentences online from a friend is wonderful,  a living, breathing person whose facial expressions add meaning to the uttered words is quite another!

That brings me to another thought to ponder. I've given up trekking to many of the "shows" where I used to display, in favor of an online presence. The airlines are difficult, the shows are expensive, and yes, I'm getting older. Yes, it took awhile to build a customer following at those shows. It took a lot of time and hard work to drag (schlep) my stuff around the country. It will also take  a lot of time to build up an online business. Maybe I won't have to schlep as much, but my reach might be further. It won't happen overnight. However, I must tell you that this will not be as satisfying. It won't have that face-to-face contact that is the bread and butter of a working artist. Gone will be much of the give and take between an artist and the patron. Feedback, that is part of the artist's field of inspiration will be lacking. So my friends, please take a moment, and write a comment that might very well enrich my creations. Be part of the process! Share your thoughts.

Be well,


  1. BRILLIANT!! first thanks for the compliment but truly when I see a blog post like this I have to give it up to you! BRAVA Ruth!

  2. I wrote a long and thoughtful post/comment. And then the stupid site couldn't verify my damn identity. Then I hit the close window button instead of the back button. DAMN!

    it was a good comment. Really. Maybe we should have another lunch and I can tell you in person. ;D

  3. I love it! The same thing happened when I posted a comment on your blog! I had to try 3 times, and then I spelled your name wrong!! Oy, computers!