Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Contemporary Craft Market

I have to add the following information as a post rather than as an event, because my brain won't let me figure out how to do this the right way. Here is the information about my next event and how you can still get free admission tickets!  I will be at booth 521.

Tree of Life Mezuzah Case
The 25th Anniversary Celebration of the Contemporary Crafts Market continues at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium November 5-7. As a friend and/or customer, I am pleased to provide you with free passes. Click on the link (or copy and paste into your browser), click on one of the images of a show postcard (to enlarge it), print it, then bring to the VIP line at the show.  Each printout will admit two.
Butterflies of Freedom Mezuzah Case

While at the website preview the wonderful holiday gifts you will see at the show.
Santa Monica Civic Auditorium
November 5-7, 2010
Hours:  10 to 6 daily
1855 Main St. (at Pico Blvd) in Santa Monica

Feel free to forward this to your friends and family members. There are a limited number of free tickets available.

Note: Tthe mezuzah case above left is made from
etched brass and sterling silver.It's box is copper. The case at right is made from pierced copper and brass, with sterling silver accents. The box is made of copper and nickel. All mezuzah cases I make are lacquered.

Chanukah is Almost Here!- Already??

This time of the year always sneaks up so slowly and then BAM- it's right in my face that I have a ton of work to do! In the next month, I have 3 shows to do, plus a variety of commissions, both large and small that are coming due. Pressure is not my friend. I know it eggs me on to finish projects and odds and ends, but it stifles my creativity to a degree that is scarey at times. My brain just doesn't pop out those ideas when I'm sleepless from anxiety and when my hands and back are aching with fatigue.  Oh well.

The first upcoming show is a biggy- It's the Contemporary Craft Market in Santa Monica, CA. It runs from November 5-7. I've had a booth here for this biannual show for 7 years, I believe, and it's an important one for me, especially for the exposure. It is not in the slightest a Judaic Art show, in fact, I am the only one who shows Judaica as a core of my exhibit. Oh, there are a few others who might have one or two mezuzot or a Star of David or Chai pendant, but believe it, I have it all!!! LOL  I always lead up to this show lamenting that I don't have enough pieces to show, and then find it hard to believe when I set up that I don't have enough room to put out everything. This year will be no different.

The next two shows are on the same day! The first one is also in Santa Monica, at my own synagogue, Beth Shir Sholom. Along with me at the Chanukah Boutique, will be vendors who sell other types of jewelry, maybe some toys, clothing, knick knacks for the home, and even fancy olive oils! Again, I'm probably the only one who has mostly Judaica. Well, I'll help my husband set up early, and then I'll take off to set up at another show, not a Chanukah boutique, but a genuine art show in Sherman Oaks. More details at a later posting. This one will have paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, and me! Can't wait!

So my friends, I have to go check on my etchings, and then start soldering some bezels, and then...

Be Well!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To Life! A Street Festival of Jewish Art in Palo Alto

 Just a brief post today. I'm hurrying to get ready for this annual show- one of my very favorites!

  There are last minute details to be attended to- finish up some earrings and necklaces, making a couple of more mezuzot. I have a new credit card  gadget, and I want to practice using it,  and I have to charge up my generator.

Here in Los Angeles, where it hardly ever rains, it's been pouring today and yesterday. Ordinarily this would be no problem, but since I taught an etching class on Sunday, I had my pop-up tent set up in the back yard, for shade. I didn't take it down, so now it's soaking wet and filthy. I hope it is warm and sunny tomorrow, as promised, so I can clean and dry it, and get it packed up for my drive to the Bay Area.  Another problem with the weather is that lacquer does not dry and cure well when the air is damp. All of my mezuzot are lacquered, so therein lies the problem!

Sterling silver necklace and earrings-Wandering Links!

Anyway, things will work out, and I'll be all ready for the festival on Sunday, October 10th.  It runs from 11-5 and is free!

If you're in the area, please come to booth #134 and say hello and take a look!  You'll see wonderful Jewish art, jewelry, crafts, etc. There will be yummy food, joyful music, and activities for the entire family!

For more information, check out the Festival's website:


Friday, October 1, 2010

Creativity, by God!

Burning Bush Mezuzah, bronze- God spoke to Moses
I just came across a fortune I saved many years ago from a Chinese cookie. It's barely readable, but it's message is as strong as ever:

"The greatest joy is in creation"

I used to think about this all the time. Where do these ideas for art come from? What if I wake up one day and have no new ideas? What if I become a blank slate?

Well, to make a long story short, I believe that my creativity comes from the original Creator! It's a spirit that happily flows through my brain and my hands. So if I'm a blank slate or an empty vessel, I no longer worry. I know that the spirit of creativity that flows through me, through my hammer, through my saw, and through my pen, will always be replentished.  I'm not saying that I have nothing to do with this. Of course I have to work hard, and seek new ways of expressing myself. I take classes. I read everything I can get my hands on.  But most importantly, I just have to be open to receive that spirit and let the joy flow!