Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Obscession or will it be an Addiction?

Well, I finished the repousse class I took last weekend, and have to seriously talk with myself to get my work done before I indulge in my new found obscession-hammering! I've done all sorts of metal working before, and can pretty much transform a piece of silver, copper or other metal. But...repousse is magical in the way a flat piece of metal rose before me, to unimaginable heights! Awww, too dramatic? No, really, it did, err, I did it!!!

I'm not good at this yet, -far from it- but I can see the possibilites are enormous! The only disadvantage is the time involved, time I don't have right now. There are blogs to write, sales calls to make, deliveries, and bench time to crank up before the holidays. So I'll have to practice restraint, and give myself a few minutes each day-like dessert at the end of a meal, -so I don't give in to the addiction!!

The photos show one of the pieces I started. I deliberately left all the hammer marks and random  scars of a beginner. Later on, I hope to show you the finished work. I also show the drawings of the various tools I used-I had to name them so I would remember which ones to use at each course around the piece. Later on, that should be 2nd nature for me.

See my notice on my FaceBook fan page, Growing Up Jewish, about my upcoming etching class, date to be announced. I posted a photo over there of an etched brooch I frequently wear.  
                        Night, now!

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  1. Nice start - I love the illustration - very informative...and visual.