Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 3 Blog

I went to the downtown jewelry section in Los Angeles to pick up some supplies and velvet pedestals for a show. Even though I was there and gone before noon, one could see the heat  rising from the pavement.  My sandals felt as if they were melting into the asphalt! I stayed only 20 minutes, and watched the temperature drop 11 degrees as I neared the beach!
Packed up an order and used Paypal to print a label for the first time. Very slick. Painted a wall in the garage, and finally gave up with the sweat dripping into my eyes.
Check out the mezuzah I sold today. It's from a drawing I made many years ago of a tiny palm tree growing up from the cracks in the stone pavement  in a doorway. I carved the piece in wax and then cast it into bronze. It is protected with a fine lacquer.
That's all my friends, stay cool .  Bye for now.



  1. Woman - you are a Rock Star! I love your tone - the photos are fab and of course your work is stunning!

  2. No, you're the rock star=literally!