Wednesday, October 6, 2010

To Life! A Street Festival of Jewish Art in Palo Alto

 Just a brief post today. I'm hurrying to get ready for this annual show- one of my very favorites!

  There are last minute details to be attended to- finish up some earrings and necklaces, making a couple of more mezuzot. I have a new credit card  gadget, and I want to practice using it,  and I have to charge up my generator.

Here in Los Angeles, where it hardly ever rains, it's been pouring today and yesterday. Ordinarily this would be no problem, but since I taught an etching class on Sunday, I had my pop-up tent set up in the back yard, for shade. I didn't take it down, so now it's soaking wet and filthy. I hope it is warm and sunny tomorrow, as promised, so I can clean and dry it, and get it packed up for my drive to the Bay Area.  Another problem with the weather is that lacquer does not dry and cure well when the air is damp. All of my mezuzot are lacquered, so therein lies the problem!

Sterling silver necklace and earrings-Wandering Links!

Anyway, things will work out, and I'll be all ready for the festival on Sunday, October 10th.  It runs from 11-5 and is free!

If you're in the area, please come to booth #134 and say hello and take a look!  You'll see wonderful Jewish art, jewelry, crafts, etc. There will be yummy food, joyful music, and activities for the entire family!

For more information, check out the Festival's website:

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