Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Chanukah is Almost Here!- Already??

This time of the year always sneaks up so slowly and then BAM- it's right in my face that I have a ton of work to do! In the next month, I have 3 shows to do, plus a variety of commissions, both large and small that are coming due. Pressure is not my friend. I know it eggs me on to finish projects and odds and ends, but it stifles my creativity to a degree that is scarey at times. My brain just doesn't pop out those ideas when I'm sleepless from anxiety and when my hands and back are aching with fatigue.  Oh well.

The first upcoming show is a biggy- It's the Contemporary Craft Market in Santa Monica, CA. It runs from November 5-7. I've had a booth here for this biannual show for 7 years, I believe, and it's an important one for me, especially for the exposure. It is not in the slightest a Judaic Art show, in fact, I am the only one who shows Judaica as a core of my exhibit. Oh, there are a few others who might have one or two mezuzot or a Star of David or Chai pendant, but believe it, I have it all!!! LOL  I always lead up to this show lamenting that I don't have enough pieces to show, and then find it hard to believe when I set up that I don't have enough room to put out everything. This year will be no different.

The next two shows are on the same day! The first one is also in Santa Monica, at my own synagogue, Beth Shir Sholom. Along with me at the Chanukah Boutique, will be vendors who sell other types of jewelry, maybe some toys, clothing, knick knacks for the home, and even fancy olive oils! Again, I'm probably the only one who has mostly Judaica. Well, I'll help my husband set up early, and then I'll take off to set up at another show, not a Chanukah boutique, but a genuine art show in Sherman Oaks. More details at a later posting. This one will have paintings, drawings, sculpture, photography, and me! Can't wait!

So my friends, I have to go check on my etchings, and then start soldering some bezels, and then...

Be Well!

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