Friday, August 27, 2010

Hammering Away!!!

This weekend will be my first workshop in a long time, learning, not teaching, a new technique from famous jewelry designer and metalsmith Victoria Lansford!! I must admit that I've dabbled in this technique before, but with home-made tools and very old supplies. All I'll say now is that I'll be hammering for two days straight, from the front and the back of the piece of metal, and when I'm finished, I'll magically change a flat piece of copper or silver into a 3-dimensional shape, worthy of a fine piece of jewelry. BTW, if you are in southern California and you're making jewelry or other metalwork, and want to join a community of the nicest people around with similar interests, look into the Metal Art Society of Southern California. The website is

Wish me luck this weekend!

Another BTW: The silver bracelet pictured here is not done with the method I'll be learning this weekend, duh...It's a combination of fold forming and hydraulic press forming, plus a lot of sawing and filing. It's one of my favs!


  1. Good luck with this! I have heard of Victoria as I believe she taught at Peters Valley in northrn NJ in the past. Wonderful techniques you've described and quite gratifying work. Rest up that hammering arm! I am a metals student at Montclair State University and just love the curiosity and comraderie of it all. Enjoy and by the by I love your work! Dream on metals girl :)

  2. enjoy the workshop! i would have loved to attend. jay is a great host and wow when do we get to learn from a great one like victoria!
    have fun and give my regards to jay.

  3. Ann, thanks for the comments-and BTW, I am a former New Jerseyan! Victoria is an incredible metalworker, and I learned so much today-but my poor arm!!!! I'd better dig out the heating pad and the Advil tonight!

    Sonia, this workshop is at Cal State Long Beach,through MASSC, not at Jay's studio. He's having Victoria there to teach Russian filagree in early September. I wish I could go there,too. She has a video available that is supposed to be almost as good as in person!! Maybe we should all buy it and learn together!!

  4. Great weekend learning repousse with Victoria Lansford. I'm going to write it up later in the week after I have a chance to take some photos. It was wonderful being with my friends from MASSC!