Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How Can I Thank Thee?

This blog is about my personal thanksgiving. No, not for the abundance of food we will enjoy, although I am certainly grateful to be well fed with the most wonderful foods on this earth. I am grateful for being cognizant of my place in this world, with enough sense to realize how lucky I am.

Santa Fe Mezuzah
As a child, I used to wonder how I would feel if I had been born less fortunate, perhaps in another country. Would I realize what I was missing? Don't get me wrong,-we did not have much, and we struggled, but we had a safe place to live and food, not gourmet, to eat. We grumbled at times, but we were better off than most people in the world, and I somehow knew that.

I am grateful this year that my family is so nearby. My daughter has moved back into the area, and my son and his wife live nearby with their precious twin girls. Our other grandchildren, 3 of them, also live nearby and enrich our lives greatly. Their extended families have welcomed us and shared their joy with us.  I'm thankful to be a grandma and to be healthy enough to enjoy it.

Thanksgiving was closely preceded by my son's birthday which might be more special to me than to him, and 4 days later, by my own. On my birthday, I received dozens of birthday messages from my friends and family on Facebook, some known well and some newly found. What a source of fun for me on my day! I'm grateful to have a sister to share my day with-my twin, who even visited this year!

My life seems to revolve  around my work especially at this time of the year. I am so grateful that I have been able to pursue my passion for these many years, supported by my husband in both labor and love. His encouragement has never faltered and he has generously schlepped with me through hundreds of shows and exhibits, without a complaint-ever!

I'm thankful for the community of friends with whom I share my life's work -the artists, and jewelers who share my passion for creating. You know who you are!

A couple of other family members deserve my thanks. My former husband and his wife have become some of our closest friends. Imagine that being possible! Our extended families have closed circles around all the children, and we have all flourished! We now have one Thanksgiving meal instead of two, and we can all celebrate our holidays together as one family.

So, I'm thankful for the opportunities I've had, for the people I hold dear,  and for the wisdom to realize what really matters. And yes, for the food..actually, for the fun in making and sharing the food!

Happy Thanksgiving and Blessings and Hugs to All!!



  1. A beautiful blog! You have put into words what so many of us feel. May you continue to enjoy life as you do.

  2. Thank you! Have a joyous Thanksgiving!

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